Unlimint taps Credits for Mastercard debit cards

London-based global fintech Unlimint has announced a partnership with digital neobank Credits to issue Mastercard debit cards for users in Europe and LatAm. This collaboration aims to create a unique product on the market that will embody an innovative proposition for crypto users across Europe and LatAm.

Unlimint is an award-winning all-in-one fintech company offering advanced payment capabilities through an evolving financial interface to startups and businesses around the world. It has 16 offices across five continents and a globally recognized payments infrastructure. The partnership between Unlimint and Credits will leverage this infrastructure to offer users an enhanced banking experience.

To receive a card, customers will have to register in the Credits app, pass a Know Your Customer (KYC) verification and place an order. The project is set to be launched in Q1 2023, starting with the European market and later expanding to Mexico and Brazil. The first phase of the launch will include virtual cards, followed by physical cards.

With the new debit card powered by Unlimint, Credits will be able to expand its product and service offerings globally, positioning itself as a digital banking leader. This partnership will also boost the growth of the digital banking market, which according to Statista, is the largest segment in the fintech market. The total transaction value in the digital payments segment is expected to reach $9,471 billion USD in 2023.

The Managing Director of Banking as a Service (BaaS) at Unlimint, Jovi Overo, stated that the partnership with Credits is a step towards creating a new fintech world without limitations. This collaboration will help build a seamless connection between Web 2 and Web 3, revolutionizing the modern world of banking services.

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