Zilch Partners with AWS to Accelerate AI Innovation

Zilch, the world’s first ad-subsidised payments network, has announced an extended collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enhance its use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across customer service, merchant engagement, and fraud detection. This partnership aims to revolutionise the way Zilch interacts with customers and merchants, offering advanced AI-driven solutions.

Philip Belamant, Co-Founder and CEO of Zilch, highlighted the company’s unique position to leverage AI advancements. “Our customers use Zilch around 100 times a year, which gives us 15-18 times the data available to our closest peers,” he said. “The combination of our large, high-quality data sets and AWS’s AI and ML services is going to give us a very tangible competitive advantage.”

AWS’s state-of-the-art AI services, such as Amazon SageMaker and Amazon Bedrock, will enable Zilch to improve the accuracy and speed of lending decisions, expanding its reach to more consumers in the UK and other markets. Tricia Troth, Head of Startups, UK and Ireland at AWS, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership. “We’re delighted that Zilch has selected AWS to bring the transformative potential of AI and generative AI to consumer lending,” she said.

Zilch’s Chief Technology Officer, Sean Hederman, emphasised the company’s long-standing relationship with AWS, dating back to its inception in 2018. “Zilch was literally born in the cloud. Today we’re proud to run the majority of our infrastructure on AWS, which has allowed us to seamlessly handle the massive scale we’ve achieved,” he explained. The partnership with AWS enables Zilch to fully unleash its AI strategy and attract top talent, pushing the boundaries of AI-driven cloud operations.

This strategic collaboration between Zilch and AWS underscores the transformative potential of AI in consumer lending and payment solutions. It demonstrates how innovative technology can create value for customers while addressing complex challenges such as fraud detection and customer service efficiency. By harnessing the power of AI, Zilch aims to set new industry standards for ad-subsidised payments networks.

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