Apple Set to Go Cleaner With Ambitious 2030 Goals

Apple has announced significant progress toward its goal of achieving carbon neutrality across its entire value chain by 2030, alongside efforts to replenish 100 percent of the fresh water used in its corporate operations in high-stress locations. The tech giant revealed that more than 18 gigawatts of clean electricity now power its global operations and manufacturing supply chain, marking a substantial increase from 2020.

In line with its environmental commitments, Apple has made new investments in solar power in the United States and Europe to offset the electricity consumed by customers to charge and power their Apple devices. Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives, emphasised the importance of clean energy and water sustainability for building healthier communities and fostering responsible business practices.

Addressing the issue of greenhouse gas emissions associated with the use of Apple products, the company has pledged to match every watt of charging electricity with clean energy by 2030. This initiative includes large-scale investments in renewable energy projects worldwide to minimise emissions and maximise carbon reductions.

In the United States, Apple is investing in solar projects in Michigan and Texas, while in Spain, it has partnered with international solar development platform ib vogt to generate solar power. Additionally, Apple has embarked on a joint venture with renewable developer CleanMax to install rooftop solar projects in India to power its offices and retail stores.

Apple’s commitment to renewable energy has also influenced its supply chain, with over 320 suppliers transitioning to clean electricity and becoming carbon neutral in their Apple-related operations. This transition has resulted in significant clean energy generation and carbon emission reductions across the supply chain.

Beyond clean energy, Apple is actively working to enhance water resilience through nature-based solutions. Collaborating with partners, the company is restoring ecosystems and addressing community water needs in high-stress locations where it operates. Projects include river restoration efforts in California and forest protection initiatives in Arizona.

Apple’s dedication to sustainability extends to its water stewardship efforts across its operations. The company has achieved water replenishment targets for its corporate operations in India and continues to invest in projects to conserve water resources, remove invasive species, and promote responsible water stewardship.

Green investments, facilitated in part by Apple’s Green Bonds, have enabled the company to finance clean energy projects, support supplier initiatives, and invest in carbon removal efforts. Apple’s commitment to environmental sustainability underscores its broader mission to create a cleaner future for all.

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