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The Pan Finance awards programme was established to be a true indicator of excellence. Identifying organisations and individuals that have excelled in their respective fields, allows Pan Finance to shine a spotlight on and applaud leading examples of best practice.Our awards not only recognise the largest of international corporations but also companies operating on a more modest scale who might otherwise go unnoticed in the global arena. Nominee shortlists are curated by our editorial team to put emphasis on relevant and time sensitive topics that we would like to showcase in front of our subscribers (who are also involved in further refining the shortlist); however, we both invite and encourage our readers to nominate organisations of any size or individuals for the scrutiny of our awards team as well. 


Selection Process


Following the nomination process our research team gather extensive intelligence on shortlisted organisations and individuals.In most instances, this information is gathered from our media partners, industry contacts and trusted sources. Furthermore, shortlisted nominees are oft-times afforded the opportunity to provide further information, in order to enhance our award panel’s ability to reach a decision, particularly in instances where a decision is split.Evaluations are made by a panel of experienced business journalists before a recommendation is made to the editorial team.


Celebration of winners


Award winners are afforded the opportunity to celebrate their achievements with enhanced visibility throughout the Pan Finance eco-system.From video interviews to in depth articles, a showcase window is opened on to our global readership. The Pan Finance award logo is also a mark of quality proudly displayed by our winners and a trusted symbol of excellence.


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