Square Peg to expand in Southeast Asia

Square Peg Capital, one of Australia’s top venture capital firms with around $3 billion in assets under management, is expanding its presence in Southeast Asia.

The firm is presently soliciting $550 million in new money, with a large portion of that going to Southeast Asian entrepreneurs, based on its recent investment history.

Southeast Asia, according to Tushar Roy, a partner at Square Peg Capital, has been the firm’s fastest-growing regional footprint (it is also known for investments in Israel).

Southeast Asia received half of the firm’s most recent $275 million investment, dubbed Fund 3. Square Peg has now invested about $250 million in Southeast Asia across all of its assets. It presently has 18 companies from the region in its portfolio.

Cialfo, Chope, DoctorAnywhere, FinAccel, Kaodim, Neuron, OnLoop, Pluang, PropertyGuru, StashAway, Timo, and Wego are the ones that have been made public.

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