Founders Across Europe Unite to Launch Plural

Founded by founders, for founders, Plural has just begun operations. The goal of the €250 million investment platform is to create the next wave of influential European technology firms.

The ecosystem for tech startups in Europe has been booming. Despite some uncertainty, this year is still seeing significant fundraises, acquisitions, and collaborations in the area, which saw the greatest amounts of money raised ever last year.

While entrepreneurs in Europe are expanding and inventing, the region is still far behind the US. Ian Hogarth, Khaled Helioui, Sten Tamkivi, and Taavet Hinrikus, four well-known and significant entrepreneurs in Europe’s startup scene think this is because European investors lack founder experience. They point out that only 8% of venture general partners in Europe had founding experience, compared to over 50% in the US.

Taavet Hinrikus explained: “We’re the investors we would have liked to have when we were building our own companies. Founding a company is a craft and the best way to learn that craft is to work alongside those who have done it before.”

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