Central bank boss Salameh is being probed

Prosecutors in Germany announced on Monday that Lebanese central bank governor Riad Salameh is a suspect in a combined case involving five European Union states that seized 120 million euros ($132 million) in Lebanese assets.

The Hague-based Eurojust said in a statement that properties and bank accounts linked to five people accused of embezzling over $330 million were seized in France, Germany, Luxembourg, Monaco, and Belgium.

The statement from the EU criminal justice agency, according to an email from Munich prosecutors, alluded to inquiries into Governor Salameh’s riches, which is being investigated in at least five European countries.

Eurojust has helped to organize discussions amongst nations looking into Salameh. However, a Eurojust spokeswoman declined to speak further and, in accordance with regulations, refused to name the suspects.

“Despite the outcome of the action day, the suspects in the main investigation are assumed to be innocent until they have been proven guilty, according to law,” their statement said.

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