Arab Bank introduces banking plan for physicians

Arab Bank recently introduced the “Tabeeb Plus” banking package designed to meet doctors’ banking needs, whether they are employees or clinic owners, as part of its ongoing efforts to provide comprehensive financial solutions to various sectors and segments. This package offers doctors a comprehensive and personalised banking experience as well as preferred banking benefits.

The “Arabi Cross-Border” programme, which offers a wide range of banking services across Arab Bank’s regional network, is a complementary benefit to the “Tabeeb Plus” package and includes a wide choice of accounts and deposits to fulfil the personal and operational needs of doctors locally and abroad. In addition, “Arabi Online” provides the “Arabi Access” service for managing financial accounts online in several nations.

Additionally, the package includes financing options with advantageous perks and interest rates, such as pre-approved personal and auto loans for doctors with loan terms up to 7 years and 30-year mortgages for clinic owners.

Doctors can also benefit from the “Elite” and “Arabi Premium” programmes of Arab Bank by purchasing the “Tabeeb Plus” bundle. Through the bank’s credit cards, doctors will also have access to a variety of special incentives, such as the “Arabi Points” programme, which allows consumers to earn reward points for their purchases and then exchange those points for cash.

They can also make monthly payments of 0.75 percent interest on purchases made with their Arab Bank credit cards. Additionally, “Elite” and “Arabi Premium” plans offer free access to airport lounges all over the world as well as life and total disability insurance.

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