Deuna: Changing Lives, Empowering Dreams

In the dynamic landscape of digital wallets in Latin America, Deuna has emerged as a leader in Ecuador, transforming the lives of thousands of merchants and entrepreneurs.

Four years after its launch, Deuna has not only revolutionised how people conduct financial transactions but has also positively impacted the lives of thousands of Ecuadorians. Through financial inclusion, Deuna has opened the doors to a world of opportunities, empowering entrepreneurs, micro-business owners, and artisans to achieve their dreams and build a better future. Positioning itself as a national market leader is the result of promoting financial inclusion while enhancing the well-being of its users and facilitating their path towards a better quality of life.

On this journey through financial inclusion, we will hear inspiring stories like that of José, a young entrepreneur from Ambato, and María, an artisan from Otavalo. Their testimonies will help us understand the profound impact Deuna has had on their lives, enabling them not only to realise their dreams but also to contribute to the economic growth of their communities.


Deuna has proven to be an invaluable ally for Ecuadorian entrepreneurs, like José, a young man from Ambato who dreamed of opening his own coffee shop. Implementing the digital wallet in his business has allowed him not only to increase his sales but also to offer his customers a more convenient and secure payment experience. The platform’s ease of use and security provide him with the peace of mind and control necessary to manage his finances efficiently, driving the growth and sustainability of his business.


But Deuna’s impact goes beyond individual entrepreneurs. From small shops to large companies, thousands of businesses across the country are seeing how Deuna helps them grow and thrive, enabling merchants to conduct transactions quickly and securely, regardless of their size or location.

In the Otavalo market, María, a local artisan, has seen an increase in her sales since she started accepting payments through Deuna. Previously, many of her customers didn’t carry cash, and she didn’t have access to a device to accept credit or debit card payments, which meant lost sales for María. However, since she started accepting payments through Deuna, María has watched her business grow and expand, allowing her to reach over 4 million Deuna users and thereby increase her income, offering a better quality of life for her family.


By facilitating access to financial services, Deuna is contributing to the financial inclusion of thousands of Ecuadorians. Additionally, by driving the growth of small businesses, medium-sized enterprises, and entrepreneurs, Deuna is helping to stimulate the local economy and create opportunities throughout the country.

Deuna has proven to be a fundamental engine for businesses in Ecuador. The platform has provided thousands of entrepreneurs like José, the young dreamer from Ambato, and María, the artisan from Otavalo, with the tools and support necessary to turn their ideas into thriving businesses.

The ease of use, security, and range of services and functionalities offered by Deuna have allowed these entrepreneurs to:

  • Increase their sales: By accepting digital payments, they have expanded their customer base and offered a more convenient payment experience to their consumers.
  • Manage their finances efficiently: The platform has given them greater control over their income and expenses, enabling them to make better financial decisions.
  • Access over 4 million users: Being part of the largest digital payments ecosystem in Ecuador, present on millions of devices throughout the country.

In summary, Deuna has emerged as a crucial partner for Ecuadorian entrepreneurs, fostering their growth and adding vitality to the local economy, with around 340K entrepreneurs using its services.

Deuna is not just a digital wallet; it is an ally for the dreams and aspirations of thousands of Ecuadorians, driving the economic growth of the country and contributing to a better quality of life for all.

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