Yoco acquires Nona Digital

Yoco, a South African payments startup, has acquired Nona Digital, a fintech and Web3 software development agency based in Cape Town, in order to accelerate its roadmap by bringing in a team of highly specialized fintech product and technology professionals.

Yoco creates tools and services to assist small businesses with accepting credit card payments in-store and online, obtaining loans, and managing their day-to-day operations.

Over 200,000 small companies in South Africa have chosen the firm as their preferred payment partner, with the startup handling over $1 billion in card payments each year.

Nona Digital was recently bought by the company, which received US$83 million in Series C funding last July.

Nona was founded in 2012 in Cape Town by Mike Scott, Ed O’Reilly, Gordon Angus, and two others with the goal of delivering software products and teams at a level that elevates the industry as a whole.

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