WhatsApp launches transit solutions

Meta’s instant messaging platform WhatsApp has launched transit solutions that enable users to access various Metro rail services across India. This feature is available on WhatsApp’s business platform and allows users to buy, book and cancel tickets, recharge tickets, and access journey information, including fare details, timings, and other details directly on WhatsApp. The service is currently available in cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Pune, and users can transact in their mother tongue. WhatsApp has also added a new feature to allow users to book food directly from a train.

Ravi Garg, Director, Business Messaging, India -WhatsApp, said, “India’s digital revolution is now making public transport safer, smarter and more convenient. We are proud that India’s world-class metro services in multiple cities are now integrated on WhatsApp to offer commuters convenience at their fingertips.” He added that WhatsApp would be happy to support other cities and help digitize train transits on WhatsApp to add value to the lives of daily commuters across the country.

To book Namme Metro tickets in Bengaluru, users can send “Hi” to +919670008889 on WhatsApp, which will give them access to tickets, fare details, top-ups, and generation of end-to-end QR tickets. Similarly, Mumbai Metro users can access the same by texting “Hi” to +919670008889. The service can be accessed in Pune and Hyderabad metro by texting “Hi” to +919420101990 and +918341146468, respectively, on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has become an essential platform for businesses to connect with customers and deliver services conveniently. The integration of transit solutions on WhatsApp’s business platform will make the process of booking, buying, and cancelling tickets more accessible to users. It is expected that more cities in India will adopt this service, making public transport more convenient for commuters.

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