Values as the Basis for Success: How Adherence to Core Values Allowed the AMarkets Broker to Win the Trust of 2 Million Traders

What should be the primary focus for a company offering services in the financial markets? Success, continual growth, revenue, or perhaps stability? AMarkets, a leading Forex broker, holds the belief that nothing surpasses values, particularly those directed at increasing customer satisfaction. Recently, the company celebrated its 2,000,000th client milestone and received the prestigious Pan Finance “Best Customer Service – 2024” award. Representatives from AMarkets graciously shared with our editorial team how their values and principles have propelled them to achieve ambitious milestones and sustain success in a fiercely competitive business landscape.

We have studied the history of AMarkets. In May 2021, you had 500,000 clients; by June 2022, you reached one million. Now you have 2 million. Did the company expect such growth?

AMarkets’ primary goal is to create and provide a level of service that exceeds customer expectations. The number of traders who start working with us or switch to us from other brokers is a natural result of this effort. Not only did we anticipate this growth, but we also recognize it as an intermediate result.

To what do you attribute such an intensive increase in customer confidence?

Since our inception in 2007, the company has come a long and challenging way. This time was sufficient to understand the basics of our development vector. While others experimented with marketing by simply selling their products, we focused on something different.

Having developed a system of values, we decided to adhere strictly to them, regardless of the market situation. Customer focus became our primary value.

Sounds pretty simple. Many companies likely claim this about themselves. What unique approach can you boast?

For AMarkets, customer focus is not just a buzzword. It is a value system comprising three stages of product development aimed at enhancing the user experience. These stages focus on creating:

  • Innovative products;
  • Professional environment;
  • Impeccable service.

Innovative Products

Let’s start with the first stage: creating innovative products. A modern trader is someone who seeks out and chooses the most convenient and advanced tools for trading in financial markets. To meet these needs, we must consistently offer cutting-edge software and services.

For instance, in 2020, AMarkets introduced the RAMM copy trading service. However, it soon became evident that our clients needed more functionality and convenience. In response, we replaced RAMM with a more user-friendly copy trading platform, adding convenient filters, detailed statistics for traders, and increased transparency.

Another significant innovation is our mobile application. In many regions where AMarkets operates, the mobile-only principle is crucial. This means our mobile app must be at least as convenient and efficient as the web version. The quality of our app is confirmed not only by the growing trust of our users but also by numerous awards. For example, we received the “Most Reliable Mobile Trading Application” award from ForexRating.com Awards 2022 and “Best Mobile Trading Application Global 2023” from World Business Stars Magazine.

Professional Environment

We strive to unite the professional community of traders around us by attracting experienced traders and supporting beginners. To achieve this, we constantly improve trading conditions and expand our range of instruments. This approach has led to outstanding results, such as receiving the prestigious “Best Value Broker – Middle East” award at the Global Forex Awards 2020.

Moreover, we develop self-analysis tools like the “Trade Analyzer,” which allows each client to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their trading strategy. These tools empower traders to refine their techniques and improve their overall performance.

Professional results are impossible without proper training. AMarkets places great emphasis on this aspect, providing resources that enable both beginners and experienced traders to quickly acquire the necessary skills for high performance. By fostering a supportive and educational environment, we ensure that all our traders have the tools they need to succeed.

Impeccable Service

Exceptional service is defined by the level of comfort and support clients feel. At AMarkets, we take immense pride in crafting our services to not just meet but exceed the expectations of traders. Our dedicated customer support team is on standby, ready to swiftly address any issues traders may encounter. With our state-of-the-art VPS hosting, clients can seamlessly utilize 4-8 MetaTrader terminals simultaneously. We’ve achieved lightning-fast order execution speeds, as quick as 0.03 seconds, and are continually enhancing our processing times for withdrawal requests.

The diversity of tools we offer, now totaling over 550, attracts clients with a wide range of market preferences. As we expand our global presence, we meticulously localize our website and mobile application for each new region and hire local support staff. This ensures that both novice and experienced traders feel equally comfortable working with AMarkets, regardless of their language or location.

By providing personalised and efficient service, we ensure that our clients can focus on what they do best—trading—while we handle the rest.

All these measures certainly help in attracting new clients. But what about increasing the loyalty of those who have already joined AMarkets?

The initiatives we’ve discussed also aim to enhance client loyalty. We consistently evaluate our clients’ loyalty, observing how it grows as we introduce innovative products and enhance our services.

Moreover, we offer an enticing loyalty program called “Cashback from AMarkets.” Clients become eligible upon making their first deposit. This multi-level program ensures that as clients progress through different tiers, they unlock more benefits.

Additionally, we extend a special GOLD status to clients who have deposited $20,000 or more. This status comes with a host of advantages, including:

  • Individual trading bonuses
  • Expedited processing of withdrawal requests
  • Up to 30% reduction in swap fees
  • Access to premium market analysis
  • Highest cashback rates
  • Personalised customer service

These perks make AMarkets an appealing brokerage, fostering long-lasting relationships with traders and continually setting higher standards. We are thrilled to have reached the 2 million client milestone, and we believe this is just the beginning. Today’s traders seek high-quality service, modern products, and a trustworthy, licensed broker – qualities that AMarkets proudly embodies.

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