Urban Aeronautics secures US$10 million for CityHawk

Urban Aeronautics is the Israel-headquartered aerospace firm responsible for the design and development of CityHawk, the advanced, compact eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle) which has been lauded for its distinct, wingless exterior. CityHawk also has a patented fully-enclosed Fancraft™ rotor system.

The aerospace firm today announced that it has raised the first US$10 million towards its next funding round. 

The fresh capital injection comes on the heels of the most recent successful test flights for the firm’s tech demonstrator in early July. The test featured a display of the CityHawk’s capabilities for smooth vertical takeoff, landing, and short-distance flight in wind conditions. 

All these capabilities are crucial steps in the journey towards commercial production for inner-city air travel. Private investors from the USA, Brazil and Israel have made commitments in the round so far. Urban Aeronautics’ Series A round has a target of US$100 million.

The CityHawk is a car-sized eVTOL and is designed to seamlessly conduct multiple trips within a city per day with zero emissions and minimal noise. The CityHawk will run on hydrogen and will be used for commercial air charters and emergency medical services (EMS).

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