United Airlines flight nosedive to be investigated

United Airlines flight 1722, which departed from Maui’s Kahului Airport last December, plunged steeply shortly after takeoff and narrowly avoided crashing into the Pacific Ocean. According to aviation news site The Air Current, the aircraft descended to just 775 feet above the water, about 800 feet below its previous altitude, before quickly regaining altitude. The incident lasted around 45 seconds.

United Airlines spokesperson Josh Freed confirmed that the pilots filed a safety report after landing in San Francisco, and that the airline, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the Air Line Pilots Association are conducting an investigation.

Although the cause of the plunge is not yet known, United Airlines has stated that it was not related to any issues with the aircraft. It was a cloudy and rainy day in Maui when the incident occurred, according to The Air Current.

A passenger described the incident during a recent interview, saying, “There were a number of screams on the plane. Everybody knew that something was out of the ordinary, or at least that this was not normal.”

Despite the severity of the incident, there were no injuries, and United Airlines emphasised that safety is its top priority. The pilots involved in the incident, who have a combined 25,000 hours of flying experience, are receiving additional training.

The FAA confirmed that the incident had been voluntarily reported to them and that they had taken “appropriate action.” However, the National Transportation Safety Board has yet to initiate an investigation.

In conclusion, United Airlines is investigating an incident in which Flight 1722 descended sharply after takeoff from Maui’s Kahului Airport. The pilots are receiving additional training, and safety remains the airline’s top priority.

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