Telecom Egypt Launches WeConnect

Telecom Egypt has launched its WeConnect ecosystem, which provides agile access to Egypt’s extensive subsea cable infrastructure. This initiative allows users to mix and match connectivity between subsea cable systems in the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea using an open and neutral model.

Key features of WeConnect include:

Digital Platform: WeConnect offers a digital platform where users can easily click-to-order cross-connectivity between the 14 subsea cable systems landing in Egypt’s 10 cable stations, connected via 10 terrestrial routes across the country.

Commercial Agreement Management: Users can manage their commercial agreements through the online platform, enabling them to access a growing number of subsea cable systems with greater agility, adaptability, diversity, and resiliency.

Global Connectivity: Telecom Egypt‘s partners can log into the platform to route their traffic over different systems, allowing them to scale up their digital infrastructure wherever they see opportunities while maintaining control over their subsea cable connectivity.

Scalability: WeConnect provides efficient scalability, potentially reaching billions of end users and promoting the reach of applications and services across Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Geographic Advantage: Telecom Egypt leverages Egypt’s geographic and geopolitical advantages as a “go-to” destination for international connectivity and a global digital infrastructure hub.

Standardised Pricing Model: The platform offers an attractive standardised pricing model, enabling partners to “land and expand” their digital infrastructure investments across continents.

Telecom Egypt’s strategic investments in 15 subsea cable systems globally, with additional cable systems coming into service in the near future, position it as a significant player in the global connectivity market. The company’s extensive coastlines on the Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea provide diversity and resiliency in cable landing locations.

Overall, WeConnect is designed to meet the increasing demand for connectivity and enhance global connectivity through innovative initiatives and state-of-the-art projects. It aims to support the deployment of customers’ digital infrastructure and offer greater flexibility and options in managing subsea cable connectivity.

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