Telcoin raises US$10M, launches next generation of fintech platform

Telcoin is a fintech company that provides services that stand at the linking point between finance and telecommunications. The firm recently released a statement announcing the completion of a pre-series round in which it raised US$10 million in equity financing.

According to the firm, this new funding will go towards the fulfillment of its key proposition, which is to deliver swift and cost-effective, user-controlled financial products and services, which are easily accessible by anyone with a mobile phone.

Paul Neuner, founder, and CEO of Telcoin said: “This round is a major milestone for a blockchain company founded in 2017. It’s also proof that people everywhere are tired of overpaying for basic financial services like remittance, and that they are ready to migrate to an alternate, decentralized platform like Telcoin.”

This new capital comes at a crucial time when the firm announced its “Telcoin V3,” an all-inclusive offering of Telcoin Platform stack plus two new user-owned DeFi products. This new funding will go towards the launch and marketing of these new services, as the firm also works to expand its reach into other markets across the globe.

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