TD Bank Group taps Plaid to revolutionise Data Access

TD Bank Group and Plaid have joined forces to redefine how customers in Canada and the United States access and share financial information with third-party applications. The innovative collaboration aims to eliminate the need for TD customers to share login credentials, enhancing security and ease of use.

Through a newly established North American data-access agreement, TD customers will gain seamless access to over 8,000 apps and services on Plaid’s extensive network, leveraging application programming interfaces (APIs). This strategic move aligns with TD’s commitment to providing a secure, transparent, and user-friendly digital experience for its customers.

Franklin Garrigues, Vice President of External Ecosystems at TD, expressed the bank’s dedication to meeting customers’ evolving financial needs. “This agreement will enable our customers who choose to access the applications and services on Plaid’s network to do so with more ease, value, and security,” Garrigues stated.

This collaboration with Plaid marks the latest step in TD’s digital evolution, focusing on empowering customers to share financial data securely. The bank has consistently embraced innovative partnerships and initiatives, including joining the Financial Data Exchange (FDX) in 2018, establishing a data-access agreement with Finicity in 2020, becoming part of the Akoya Data Access Network in 2021, and forging a data-access agreement with Envestnet/Yodlee in the same year.

Cecilia Frew, Head of Open Finance at Plaid, emphasised the transformative impact of the relationship with TD. “Our relationship with TD will give millions of customers the tools to securely connect to the thousands of digital financial applications in Plaid’s network and comfortably manage their everyday finances,” Frew commented.

As the financial landscape undergoes significant shifts with the rise of FinTechs and embedded finance, this collaboration positions TD and Plaid at the forefront of innovation. John Anderson, Head of Payments at Plaid, highlighted the growing comfort of consumers in managing their financial lives online. “There are these amazing flywheels, or network effects, of consumers becoming more comfortable connecting and using FinTech experiences and open finance apps, trusting those services,” Anderson explained.

The partnership not only signifies a significant step forward in enhancing user experience but also contributes to building trust and reducing barriers to adoption. TD and Plaid’s commitment to reshaping data access sets the stage for a new era in financial services, where convenience and security seamlessly converge.

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