Sun Cable announces Australia-Asia powerLink project

A world-renowned team of highly skilled specialists from Bechtel, Hatch, Marsh, PwC Australia, and SMEC (Surbana Jurong Group), have come together intending to deliver Sun Cable’s multi gigawatt-scale project.

The Australia-Asia PowerLink (AAPowerLink) is on course to be one of the world’s largest renewable energy projects. 

The project will leverage Australia’s wealth of solar energy resources to supply world-class dispatchable, affordable renewable electricity to Darwin, Australia, and Singapore.

The AAPowerLink has the potential to open up direct investment opportunities, as well as create job openings, R&D, and knowledge sharing. This project will also create momentum for sustained growth in new and emerging sectors.

The total carbon emissions abatement of AAPowerLink is currently expected to be at 8.6 million tonnes of CO2e per year.

An estimated AUD30+ billion will be spent to realize Australia-Asia PowerLink projects, which has crossed a major milestone with the announcement of the Integrated Project Delivery Team (IPDT).

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