Standard Bank taps HUAWEI for digital banking

Standard Bank, a prominent financial institution in South Africa, has joined forces with HUAWEI Mobile Services to deliver cutting-edge digital banking solutions to its customers in the country.

Belinda Rathogwa, executive head of digital and e-commerce for personal and private banking at Standard Bank South Africa, recently shared insights into this strategic collaboration during an interview. The primary objective of this partnership between Standard Bank and HUAWEI Mobile Services South Africa is to provide seamless digital banking experiences for clients accessing the Standard Bank banking app through Huawei devices.

Over the past three years, the two companies have worked closely to integrate HUAWEI Mobile Services capabilities, ensuring smooth compatibility of the Standard Bank banking app with Huawei’s ecosystem. As part of this collaboration, they have implemented safety features to authenticate clients using the app, and they have launched a universal app downloads campaign, expanding digital banking services to over 300,000 Huawei users.

Rathogwa highlighted the convenience this collaboration brings to mobile banking users, as it allows them to access the Standard Bank banking app on their devices, offering services such as credit score checking, savings account opening, and the ability to purchase airtime, data, or electricity through the app.

Huawei, on the other hand, aims to build a robust app ecosystem, providing a diverse range of apps for its users. Collaborations with established organisations like Standard Bank play a crucial role in expanding the app offerings on the AppGallery and enhancing the overall user experience.

HUAWEI Mobile Services partners receive valuable resources, tools, technical support, and incentives to optimise their apps for HUAWEI devices, fostering a thriving app ecosystem.

Belinda Rathogwa emphasised Standard Bank’s recognition of technology’s vital role in driving Africa’s growth and development. With a significant number of their clients accessing the banking app through Huawei devices, the bank identified the importance of partnering with Huawei to meet their customers’ digital banking needs. The collaboration is viewed as an opportunity to support growth and development in Africa, strengthening the ties between the financial institution and Huawei South Africa.

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