Standard Bank introduces mandatory vaccine policy

Standard Bank South Africa has announced the implementation of a Covid-19 immunization policy, requiring all employees who operate on the premises to get vaccinated against the virus.

In the first instance, the policy will be implemented in South Africa, and it will take effect on April 4, 2022.

This policy establishes a need for all workers working on the group’s South African premises to be vaccinated, but also permits employees with a solid reason for not getting vaccinated to file a motivated objection to vaccination, according to the company.

The banking firm stated, “We will make every reasonable attempt to accommodate employees who have valid reasons for not being vaccinated,” the financial group stressed.

Sim Tshabalala, Standard Bank Group CEO, said: “Covid-19 vaccines have proven themselves globally. Large-scale, rigorous scientific studies have now shown conclusively – beyond any reasonable doubt – that the vaccines against Covid-19 approved by the World Health Organisation provide excellent protection against serious illness and death.”

The lender revealed that it consulted its risk teams, medical experts, and social scientists, and carefully reviewed scientific data sourced by the World Health Organization, the South African National Department of Health, the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority, the South African National Institute for Communicable Diseases, and other leading African and international bodies.

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