Spain wants EU to fund ‘green gas’ interconnector

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez of Spain has urged the European Union to fund gas interconnections with the rest of Europe, stating that new infrastructure should include renewable gases such as hydrogen. El Diario, a partner of EURACTIV, has reported on the situation.

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia is already having an effect on the European economy, most notably in the shape of an exponential rise in energy costs.

The Spanish government claims that, because of its wide network of LNG terminals, it will be one of the least affected by the gas crisis, and has stated willingness to ease links with other countries to allow deliveries out of Spain.

Sánchez, on the other hand, insisted that the expenses of building the essential infrastructure be funded by the EU budget.

The Spanish Prime Minister also believes that the new infrastructure should be built with the future in mind, calling for a focus on green gas and hydrogen projects which he expects to be financed by European budgets.

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