Skaleet and Mobiblanc sign new deal

Skaleet (www.Skaleet.com), an international fintech that provides a next-generation Core Banking Platform (CBP), said today that it has collaborated with Mobiblanc, an Agile Digital Services Enterprise (ESN), to provide turnkey solutions to financial institutions across Africa.

Financial institutions will be able to develop new digital and innovative financial products for their consumers, whether enterprises or people, as a result of the agreement.

Mobiblanc, based in Morocco and Tunisia, is a significant player in the North and West African digital solutions markets. Mobiblanc provides an efficient and successful consulting and integration solution for a wide range of clients, thanks to its professional and creative workforce.

Skaleet allows retail banks and financial institutions to introduce new banking products and services to their consumers at a low cost. Skaleet delivers creative and scalable banking solutions that are designed end-to-end and customised to each customer through its open, modular, and adaptable Core Banking Platform.

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