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An interview with Alberto Morett Dosal, Business Development Director for SERVIFE Real Estate Management.

Alberto. It’s a pleasure to have you with us. Could you address the importance of selecting the right real estate operator in the commercial real estate sector?

AMD: Happy to be here and thank you for the invitation. Choosing the right real estate operator is crucial as it directly influences the property’s capital appreciation and profitability. At SERVIFE, we understand that an operator adhering to proper processes and international standards, such as BOMA BEST and BOMA 360, can completely transform property management, ensuring excellence in operations and sustainability.

Interesting. Could you elaborate on how this approach specifically impacts the maximization of property value and income?

AMD: Of course. Efficient real estate management involves not just property maintenance but also a proactive strategy to increase its income. This is achieved by optimizing rental rates, minimizing vacancies, and managing operational expenses effectively. Adhering to standards like BOMA 360 helps us benchmark and improve operational performance, while BOMA BEST ensures comprehensive excellence and sustainability, significantly increasing the property’s market value.

So, tenant relationships must be a priority, correct?

AMD: Absolutely. Tenant retention is crucial for any property’s financial stability. At SERVIFE, we strive to build and maintain strong relationships with our tenants, ensuring prompt and effective response to their needs. This not only enhances their satisfaction but also minimizes expenses related to tenant turnover, in line with best practices outlined by leading standards.

How does SERVIFE ensure operational efficiency in its properties?

AMD: We concentrate on the seamless daily operation of each property, encompassing everything from maintenance and repairs to cleanliness and compliance with health and safety regulations. Our goal is to ensure that properties are not only well-maintained but also operate efficiently and safely, aligning with the operational excellence criteria of SERVIFE.

Financial management also plays a crucial role, could you expand on this?

AMD: Certainly. Financial management involves tasks ranging from rent collection to budget planning and maintaining accurate financial records. Our adherence to international best practices, and our own is vital for ensuring the sustained profitability of the property.

Speaking of markets, what’s the importance of local market knowledge in property management?

AMD: Deep local market insights shape our approach to operational excellence, sparking innovation and the strategic application of technology in property management. This understanding allows us to position our properties effectively, meeting the forward-thinking standards of international certifications and ensuring our competitive edge.

How does SERVIFE handle risk management and lease administration?

AMD: Risk management involves ensuring that the property is adequately protected and that lease agreements safeguard the owner’s interests. In terms of lease administration, we negotiate terms that benefit both the owner and tenants, ensuring harmonious and long-lasting relationships. This is in line with the best practices advocated by industry-leading standards.

Lastly, how do you integrate sustainability and energy efficiency into your operations?

AMD: Sustainability and energy efficiency are crucial for reducing operational costs and enhancing property appeal. We implement practices that enhance sustainability, from energy efficiency to water and waste management, demonstrating our commitment to the environment and providing quality spaces for our tenants. Our efforts are guided by the benchmarks set by BOMA BEST, which focuses on environmental performance and sustainability in real estate.

Alberto, you’ve previously mentioned operational efficiency and sustainability as pillars of SERVIFE. In an increasingly technological world, how is SERVIFE integrating technology and artificial intelligence into its operations?

AMD: Technology is fundamental to our strategy for delivering value to our clients. We are committed to constant innovation, using intuitive and advanced technology, much of which operates behind the scenes. Artificial intelligence allows us to analyze large volumes of data to improve decision-making, optimize energy efficiency, and personalize tenant experiences. This technological adoption is a key component of our strategy to maintain leadership in the real estate sector, offering spaces that enhance well-being and productivity.

Alberto, we’ve discussed innovation and technology. However, I’d like to go deeper into the concept of assessment of planned communities. How does SERVIFE approach community creation, and why is it important?

AMD: Community creation is fundamental to our vision. We understand that beyond managing spaces, we’re creating environments where people live, work, and interact. Our role in planned communities is based on four essential pillars: Regulatory compliance, including adherence to standards like BOMA; Administrative and Financial planning; Operational efficiency, and enhancing the User Experience. Our comprehensive approach ensures that each project is sustainable, efficient, and welcoming, creating vibrant and sustainable communities.

Implementing international standards and advanced technologies sets SERVIFE apart in the real estate sector. Could you share some of the challenges you’ve faced in this journey and how you’ve overcome them?

AMD: Integrating international standards and new technologies into our local operations presents both challenges and exciting opportunities. One challenge is the initial investment and the need for continuous training to ensure our team is adept at leveraging these advancements. However, we view these as investments into our future. By focusing on upskilling our workforce and adopting a forward-thinking approach to property management.

And what impact has this had on your clients and the communities you serve?

AMD: The impact on our clients and the communities we serve has indeed been profoundly positive. Enhanced property value, operational efficiency, and sustainability are direct benefits our clients enjoy. Our approach has further translated into creating vibrant, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible spaces that foster a strong sense of community and belonging. This is part of our holistic vision for the future of real estate management, which is to be sustainable, efficient, and focused on building community.

At SERVIFE, we specialise in managing a diverse portfolio that includes commercial real estate (CRE), residential, weekend, and mixed-use projects, and we are now extending our expertise to industrial properties. Additionally, we provide valuable consulting services to developers across all these verticals, leveraging our comprehensive understanding of the market to deliver tailored solutions. Our aim is to continue evolving to meet the dynamic needs of the real estate sector, always with a focus on excellence and innovation.

Thank you for sharing your vision of community creation and the positive impact of SERVIFE.

AMD: It’s been a pleasure. We strongly believe in the power of communities to transform people’s lives, and we’re committed to continuing to contribute to this positive change, guided by international standards and a commitment to excellence.

Where can we keep up with SERVIFE? We understand you are celebrating your 20-year anniversary.

AMD: Thank you for highlighting this. Yes, we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary with great enthusiasm for the journey that brought us here and even more excitement for the future. 

To keep up with SERVIFE and join us as we embark on the next chapters of innovation, follow us on our website www.servife.mx and connect with us on LinkedIn. We’re not just reflecting on our past achievements; we’re eagerly looking ahead to what’s next and invite you to be part of our continuing story.

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