Revolut Launches Crypto Exchange

Revolut, the fintech giant with over 40 million users worldwide, has unveiled a new cryptocurrency exchange platform. The announcement, made earlier this year, aims to offer a more specialised trading experience for crypto enthusiasts while reducing transaction fees.

The platform features a fee structure designed to benefit active traders. Makers, who add liquidity to the market, incur no fees, while takers, those who remove liquidity, face a minimal fee of 0.09%. This cost-efficient structure positions Revolut’s exchange as an attractive option for experienced crypto traders.

“We are excited by the introduction of our new crypto product and believe this top-tier trading platform will change the game for experienced crypto traders, providing them with a safe and accessible place to trade,” said Leonid Bashlykov, Revolut’s Head of Crypto Exchange Product.

Revolut’s new exchange is currently available on desktops for UK customers with retail accounts. It includes popular digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP, with plans for further expansion. Users can trade directly from the platform and conduct crypto-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto transactions without additional fees.

Existing Revolut account holders can access the crypto exchange with their current credentials. The platform also integrates educational resources to promote responsible trading practices among users.

The launch follows Revolut’s partnership with MetaMask, announced in March. This integration allows Revolut users to purchase cryptocurrency through the MetaMask mobile app, browser extension, or portfolio. The feature, known as Revolut Ramp, enables customers to expand their MetaMask self-custody wallet with minimal fees, using their Revolut accounts or Visa/Mastercard credit or debit cards.

With the launch of this new platform, Revolut continues to solidify its presence in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency market. The company’s strategic moves aim to attract experienced traders while ensuring a safe and user-friendly experience.

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