Revolut Investor Sees 45% Surge in Value Since Last Year

A recent report by Bloomberg revealed that an investment trust managed by Schroders has bolstered its investment in Revolut, the British FinTech company. The trust increased its stake from £5.44 million ($6.75 million) to £7.88 million ($9.75 million) as of December 31, marking a significant surge in its investment value over the past year.

Although Schroders’ stake remains relatively small, this move implies a noteworthy uptick in Revolut’s valuation. The company’s value has reportedly climbed to $25.7 billion, up from $17.7 billion last year. However, this figure falls short of the $33 billion valuation Revolut attained in a funding round in 2021.

The report highlights Schroders’ confidence in Revolut’s progress, citing the company’s international expansion efforts as a key factor behind its increased investment. Meanwhile, venture capital firm Molten Ventures had previously reduced its valuation of Revolut by 40% last year. CEO Martin Davis attributed this adjustment to the company’s pursuit of a banking licence in the UK.

Revolut’s recent initiatives include offering phone plans for British customers, featuring eSIMs and global data plans to facilitate seamless connectivity without unexpected roaming charges. Tara Massoudi, Revolut’s General Manager of Premium Products, articulated the company’s ambition to become a “financial super app” in an interview with CNBC.

Despite concerns raised by Revolut’s UK CEO, Francesca Carlesi, regarding London’s competitiveness in attracting startups compared to cities like Paris and New York, she affirmed the capital’s potential to host Revolut’s eventual initial public offering (IPO). However, Carlesi emphasised that their immediate focus lies in addressing operational challenges as they navigate the process of obtaining a UK banking licence.

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