Rali_Cap Launches $30m Investment Plan

Rali Cap focuses on big markets in Africa, including Nigeria, Egypt, and South Africa; Latin America, including Brazil and Mexico; and South Asia, including Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Rali Cap, originally Rally Cap Ventures, is a $30 million early-stage venture financing firm focused on emerging markets from Africa, Latin America, and South Asia.

Rali Cap is a two-year-old venture capital firm that invests in pre-seed and seed-stage B2B and API-first fintechs across target markets. The firm hopes to reach the fund’s second closure by the end of June.

The VC surpassed its first close of $20 million initial funding target last month, suggesting significant LP interest before putting forward a new fund size.

Breyer Capital, Propel VC, Better Tomorrow Ventures, FT Partners, Bain Capital, Lateral Capital, a few family offices, HNIs, and a multibillion-dollar crossover fund known for investing in smaller funds were among the limited partners for this new $30 million fund.

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