QIA ups stake in Credit Suisse

Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) has reported an increase in its ownership of Credit Suisse Group (CS) in a recent filing with the SEC. According to the filing, QIA now holds 272,251,995 shares of CS, which represents 6.87% of the company. This is an increase from its previous filing on November 17, 2021, in which it reported owning 133,217,522 shares and 5.57% of the company. This represents a 104.37% increase in shares and a 1.30% increase in total ownership.

Credit Suisse Group is a global investment bank and financial services firm based in Switzerland. Other notable shareholders include Hotchkis & Wiley Capital Management LLC, Shah Capital Management, Kopernik Global Investors LLC, Renaissance Technologies LLC, and Two Sigma Investments LP.

Hotchkis & Wiley Capital Management LLC holds 26,414,081 shares, representing 0.67% ownership of the company. However, in its prior filing, the firm reported owning 26,956,736 shares, representing a decrease of 2.05%. The firm decreased its portfolio allocation in CS by 26.84% over the last quarter. Shah Capital Management holds 6,600,000 shares, representing 0.17% ownership of the company, an increase of 100.00% from its previous filing.

Kopernik Global Investors LLC holds 5,092,833 shares, representing 0.13% ownership of the company, an increase of 99.77% from its previous filing. Renaissance Technologies LLC holds 4,790,619 shares, representing 0.12% ownership of the company, an increase of 100.00% from its previous filing. Two Sigma Investments Lp holds 4,496,027 shares, representing 0.11% ownership of the company, an increase of 100.00% from its previous filing.

Overall, there are 451 funds or institutions reporting positions in Credit Suisse Group, a decrease of 26 owner(s) or 5.45%. The average portfolio weight of all funds dedicated to Credit Suisse Group is 0.1521%, a decrease of 20.6637%. The total shares owned by institutions increased in the last three months by 2.47% to 501,365,434 shares.

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