Plans to create an Amazon Web Services region in the UAE

The Middle East holds ‘many opportunities’ for cloud technology, according to the Amazon MENA chief, Vinod Krishnan.

Plans are in place to create an Amazon Web Services region in the UAE in 2022, as the kingdom seeks to position itself as a favourable investment destination to big tech firms capable of transforming and upscaling its tech efficiency.

AWS in partnership with Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) will work to develop and contribute to the knowledge economy in the UAE and institute various initiatives towards training, education, and equipping of the next generation of startup execs.

ADIO is positive that the launch of this new region by AWS will bolster the emirate’s digital economy as it seeks to speed up the adoption of cloud technology, while also inspiring innovation among corporations.

Abu Dhabi was named 2020’s Smartest City in the Middle Eastern region in IMD’s Smart City Index 2020 and this is mostly due to the attention given to Abu Dhabi improving digital and widening innovation ecosystem.

Vinod Krishnan, head of AWS MENA, is motivated by the opportunities that abound in the region and cites high demand and job creation in the UAE as some of the reasons why the data centre is being established.

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