Paraguay to boost trade, investment links with ME and Asia

The Republic of Paraguay, a South American republic, conducted an investment discussion at Expo 2020 on December 8 as part of the country’s strategic focus on attracting inward investments and fostering bilateral relationships with the Middle East and Asia.

Ambassador Estefania Laterza, National Director of the Rediex Investment and Exports Network; Federico Sosa Otero, Investment Attraction Director of the Rediex Investment and Exports Network; and José Aguero Avila, General Commissioner, the Republic of Paraguay Pavilion for Expo 2020, were among those in attendance, as were representatives from the UAE government.

Laterza said: “Paraguay has a business-friendly environment and a good quality of life for investors who decide to live or visit the country. Paraguay offers an array of opportunities in terms of leisure, sports, and the most captivating ecotourism and adventure travel experiences.”

Between 2021 and 2024, Paraguay is anticipated to have the fastest economic growth in Latin America. Even while the world was dealing with a health crisis, the economy showed little to no impact from external forces.

In addition, the country has the lowest indirect and corporate tax rates in the area, as well as guarantees of property rights, equal treatment of domestic and foreign investments, exchange freedom, and free trade.

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