Panama outlines its $6bn in infrastructure investment opportunities

During a discussion with The Maritime Podcast, Panama’s Minister of Facilitation of Private Investments Jose Alejandro Rojas spelled out the various openings available for investments and how Panama continues to work to encourage private sector investors to make the best of these opportunities.

Serving as a link between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Panama has built a reputation as a logistics and shipping hub, with the Minister Rojas-led agency at the forefront of efforts to optimize processes and improve the connectivity between different sections of the supply chain. 

“We have the Panama Canal, we have the five ports, we have the Free Trade Zones, railroad dry canal that connects ocean to ocean in 45 minutes, and then we have the aspect that air cargo of the airports. So, in all these institutions, the infrastructure itself has been built.

Panama was one of the nations that led the ports privatization trend in Latin America and this has spurred swift development of infrastructure and primary operational procedures in that sector. 

The nation is now looking to direct investments towards value-added logistics and solutions that better connect the different players in the sector. Key areas that have been identified for investment include port concessions, a shipyard, agri-parks, and potentials for LNG power generation and bunkering.

“Between the turnkey projects that are restructured financially, and public-private partnership projects, we have over $6 billion in opportunities, we’re also working hard on generating opportunities for more private investors, so more citizens, because the corporate investments take more time,” the Minister noted.

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