Pan Finance Announces the Q3 Award Winners of 2022

LONDON, Sep. 08, 2022 While many parts of the world experienced historic droughts and heatwaves this summer, the global economy continued to cool down. The level of uncertainty about the global economy’s outlook remains high. This uncertainty is especially acute in Europe, where six months of war in Ukraine show no signs of ending, and where a recession appears increasingly likely this winter as the region’s energy crisis worsens. In our Q3 edition we look at the role innovative finance can play in helping to rebuild Ukraine and also what a post-inflation economy could look like.

Further to this, Pan Finance continues to shine a spotlight on leading examples of best practice across the world of finance in these challenging times. Established to be a true measure of excellence, the awards look beyond the realm of the balance sheet alone, measuring success through innovation, stewardship of the environment and positive impact on society.

Thane Stenner, Senior Portfolio Manager, Senior Wealth Advisor, and founder of Stenner Wealth Partners+ of CG Wealth Management commented, “It is an immense privilege to be recognized with Pan Finance’s 2022 North American Boutique Firm Award. I am VERY proud of what my team and I have built and accomplished, and we are moving into the future ready to bring our clients continued clarity and success in their unique wealth strategies. This recognition represents all the trust and support shown to us by our global clients and demonstrates the collective dedication of our advisory team in providing the highest quality of client service.”

Ellison Anne Williams, Founder and CEO of Enveil told us, “We are proud to be leading the formation of the transformative Privacy Enhancing Technology category and the growing momentum and recognition we see today is a testament to the hard work of our entire team. We have only begun to scratch the service of the value PETs can deliver to the broader market. We are grateful to be recognized as the Most Innovative PETs Company and look forward to continuing our pioneering work delivering business- and mission-enabling capabilities across verticals.” Scott Ostrowski, Chief Customer Officer at Enveil said, “Our Privacy Enhancing Technology-powered solutions change the paradigm of how and where organisations can leverage data to unlock value at scale. PETs are not technologies of the future; they are here now, making a significant impact for our customer by addressing real-world challenges today.”

Group Managing Director, Gavin Pluck of Blacktower Financial Management said, “It is a great honour to be recognised as one of Europe’s most trusted financial firms, and the award win serves to demonstrate the importance of providing a consistent, outstanding service, where the client is always prioritised. All of our employees, from our advisers to our administrative staff, understand what a privilege it is to be trusted with our clients’ financial goals and aspirations; we know that choosing a firm with whom to entrust your future with is no easy task. Achieved through the combination of our 36 years’ of experience in the industry and our commitment to providing dependable, transparent wealth management solutions, we are proud to provide our valued clients with a service they can trust, bringing them peace of mind and the time to focus on what really matters in the day-to-day’.

Monocle Solutions CFO Jaco van Buren-Schele commented, “We are incredibly proud to have been awarded “The Most Innovative Financial Services Consulting Firm in South Africa” by Pan Finance. We have spent the last 20 years focusing on how to continuously improve how we work and operate. Given that we are a people business, our innovation lies in how we source the best talent in the market and how we continuously train and develop this talent in terms of the subject matter of banking and insurance, technical and programming abilities, as well as soft skills. When consulting to an industry that is facing increasing pressure to innovate and digitise itself, we have found that it comes down to our ability to stay abreast of industry changes that allows us to make the greatest impact – to bridge the divide between business stakeholders’ needs and the complex systems, processes and data that sit under the hood of their operations.”

Pan Finance is delighted to announce the following award winners in the Q3 2022 edition:

Aion Digital – Best Digital Banking Platform – MEA 2022 –
Blacktower Financial Management – Most Trusted Wealth Management Advisory – Europe 2022 –
China Asset Management Co., Ltd. – Asset Manager of the Year – China 2022 –
China Asset Management Co., Ltd. – Most Sustainable Asset Manager – China 2022 –
Cloud Capital – Most Innovative Asset Management Company – Mexico 2022 –
Crowd Cast, Ltd. – Best Payment Solutions Provider – Japan 2022 –
Dunas Capital Asset Management – Most Innovative Asset Management Company – Spain 2022 –
Enveil – Most Innovative PETs Company – USA 2022 –
Gonet & Cie SA – Best Digital Wealth Solutions Provider – Switzerland 2022 –
HSBC Poland – Corporate Banking Services of the Year – Poland 2022 –
Ignition Systems – Most Innovative Solutions for Financial Firms – USA 2022 –
IQ-EQ – Most Innovative Investor Solutions – Singapore 2022 –
Moody’s – Most Innovative Risk Assessment Company – USA 2022 –
Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation – Digital Banking Service of the Year – Philippines 2022 –
Société Générale Cameroun – Sustainable Bank of the Year – Cameroon 2022 –
Société Générale Cameroun – Excellence in Customer Service – Cameroon 2022 –
Stenner Wealth Partners+ – Boutique Wealth Advisory of the Year – North America 2022 –
SYZ Group – Most Innovative Private Bank – Switzerland 2022 –
Turnkey Trading Partners – Best CFTC and NFA Compliance Consultancy – 2022 –
UOB Thailand – Most Innovative SME Financial Solutions – Thailand 2022 –
UOB Thailand – Excellence in Digital Transformation – Thailand 2022 –

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Marcus Fedder, a former director of the International Finance Facility for Immunization and a former treasurer of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; Sébastien Mazella Di Bosco, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Px3 Partners; Alex Friedman, a former Chief Financial Officer of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Raghuram G. Rajan, former governor of the Reserve Bank of India, is Professor of Finance at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business

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