Ouster expands commercial presence to Middle East

Ouster Inc. is one of the foremost providers of high-resolution digital lidar sensors for the automotive, industrial, robotics, and smart infrastructure industries.

The firm has hired a Dubai-based team and is now in the process of setting up a local distribution network. The greater goal of the plan is to encourage and bolster the adoption of digital lidar in the region.

Ouster is bent on expanding its presence into the Middle East and better serve its customers in that territory. The also seeks to better position itself as a leader of the drive for the growth of the digital lidar market globally.

Through these new moves, Ouster hopes to acquire new clients in each of its four industry verticals, having pinpointed the smart infrastructure submarkets as the primary driver of growth in the Middle East. 

“With the establishment of new distribution networks and partnerships in the Middle East, Ouster expects to capitalize on initiatives to modernize infrastructure and to support the growing demand for digital lidar solutions in the region’s advanced security, smart infrastructure, robotics, and industrial automation markets,” said Ashish Chawla, Ouster’s General Manager for the Middle East.

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