OptiFuel lands freight transition deal in Argentina

Through Ferrocarriles Argentinos Sociedad del Estado, OptiFuel Systems, a developer of decarbonization solutions for the rail, maritime, and power generating markets, has signed a Collaboration Agreement with the Argentina Ministry of Transportation.

In accordance with Argentina’s decarbonization goals, the project’s goal is to develop and put into service 400 switcher and line haul freight locomotives that are entirely powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) and/or renewable natural gas (RNG), both of which have little or no emissions.

“Our Transportation Modernization Plan is about developing more infrastructure throughout the country, and it is also about innovative technology – such as this change in the energy matrix of our trains, to make them cleaner, more efficient, sustainable and cheaper,” said Argentina’s Minister of Transportation Alexis Guerrera.

To increase the proportion of freight moved by rail throughout the nation, Argentina has made public and government investment a priority.

“OptiFuel is excited about the opportunity to provide zero-emission locomotives, tenders, and refuelling equipment to Argentina,” said Scott Myers, President of OptiFuel. “OptiFuel developed and certified these technologies for rail because we believe there is a need for cleaner locomotives that drive increasing value to the world’s railroads, railroad customers, and communities.”

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