NUHS to build supercomputing infrastructure for hospital AI

By mid-2022, the National University Health System, one of Singapore’s three national health clusters, will have built a supercomputing infrastructure to support artificial intelligence programs in public healthcare institutions in collaboration with the government-backed National Supercomputing Centre Singapore.

Meanwhile, it has teamed up with telecoms behemoth Singtel to construct a 5G indoor network with multi-access edge compute capabilities in the National University Hospital’s operation rooms and wards.

Hospitals generate massive amounts of data each year, and current technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation aid medical researchers in making sense of this data in order to improve patient outcomes.

According to the NUHS, supercomputers can dramatically improve these tools, allowing them to develop more complicated models that can accommodate large data.

According to a news release, the PRESCIENCE supercomputing infrastructure will train AI models that anticipate patient health trajectories and warn when a patient’s condition is about to deteriorate.

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