Northpointe Bank Personalizes Retail Banking Experience

Northpointe Bank, the largest national lender based in West Michigan 2, has started using the Total Expert CRM and customer engagement platform to provide relevant customer data to retail bank personnel in order to improve the overall consumer banking experience.

Northpointe Bank has been using Total Expert for three years in its home loan business and has now moved into retail banking as a result of the outstanding outcomes.

Northpointe loan officers used Total Expert to tailor outbound communications to customers, uncover cross-sell opportunities for new loans and services, and boost client retention while streamlining their business procedures.

Since 2019, Northpointe Bank has assisted over 134,000 households with home financing, funding over $38 billion in loans and receiving a client satisfaction rating of 97 percent in Q1 2022.

“A few years back we recognized a need for a solution that could simplify our communications with home lending customers and free up time for our sales team to focus on more complex initiatives. We have seen firsthand what Total Expert has been able to accomplish, and want to leverage this platform for similar results with our retail banking services,” said Michael Winks, President, Lending & Retail Banking, at Northpointe Bank.

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