New 5G campus network offer by Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom has expanded its campus network portfolio in collaboration with Ericsson, a network technology provider. It currently provides organizations with location-specific 5G mobile networks based on 5G Standalone Technology (5G SA).

The new campus network is built on a local 5G infrastructure that is dedicated to the customer’s digital applications only.

The 5G SA technology works without LTE anchors and provides all of the technical benefits of the new mobile communications standard, including fast data transmission rates, maximum network capacity, and highly reliable connectivity with low latency – even for the most demanding and safety-critical use cases.

Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson enable organizations from a wide range of industries in building novel digital apps and improve existing processes with modern 5G SA technology.

The Ericsson Private 5G portfolio-powered 5G SA Campus network works fully apart from the public mobile network: all infrastructure components, from antennas to a standalone core network to the network server, are located on the customer’s premises.

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