Multigate.io leads payment service in Africa

Multigate.io, a Nigerian financial technology firm formed in 2017, leads the future of FinTech and cross-border payments from the continent by providing immediate cross-border funds transfer and enhanced treasury and cash management to businesses and individuals within and outside of Africa.

The company focuses on providing simple solutions to solve the complicated payment and cash management difficulties that big corporations face.

FinTech businesses like Multigate.io have expanded their footprint across Africa while also increasing the variety of services they provide. Overall, the FinTech industry’s quick expansion is said to have benefited many financially disadvantaged Africans.

Multigate.io became a need for some of the top pan-African corporations, FinTech companies, and banks within two years of its launch. By solving a challenging problem that they all faced, Multigate.io got ingrained in their cross-border operating fabric. Multigate.io has supplied FinTech treasury services worth $4.3 billion thus far.

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