MTN Group Pledges $215m Investment in Benin

MTN Group, a leading provider of digital solutions in Africa, has reaffirmed its commitment to the continent’s advancement by announcing a significant investment of US$215 million in infrastructure in Benin over the next three years. This commitment includes the construction of a cutting-edge office for its subsidiary, MTN Benin.

The announcement came during a pivotal visit to Cotonou, where MTN Group’s top leadership engaged in discussions with President Patrice Talon. Present at the meeting were Ralph Mupita, President and CEO of MTN Group; Amadou Raimi, Chairman of MTN Benin; Ebenezer Asante, Senior Vice President for Markets; Uche Ofodile, CEO of MTN Benin; and Nompilo Morafo, MTN Group’s Chief Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Officer.

Ralph Mupita emphasised MTN’s commitment to driving positive change in the markets it serves, aiming to uplift Africans by providing them with hope, dignity, and opportunities. He expressed gratitude for the warm reception received in Benin and highlighted the company’s endeavours in trialing 5G services, demonstrating its commitment to technological advancement in the region.

Furthermore, Mupita underscored MTN’s dedication to the development and empowerment of Beninese youth. He reiterated the company’s willingness to collaborate with the government and other stakeholders to achieve this goal, emphasising the importance of partnerships in driving sustainable socio-economic progress.

In response, President Patrice Talon commended the MTN delegation for their commitment and expressed anticipation for future collaborations. As MTN Benin celebrates a quarter of a century of operations with approximately eight million subscribers, the President acknowledged the company’s significant contribution to the country’s telecommunications sector and looked forward to further synergies in the future.

MTN Group’s investment in Benin’s digital infrastructure not only underscores its commitment to advancing connectivity and technological innovation but also signifies its dedication to fostering socio-economic development and empowerment across Africa. As the continent continues its journey towards digital transformation, partnerships between private enterprises and governments will play a crucial role in driving inclusive growth and prosperity for all.

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