Minister backs Tesla investment in France

France’s Finance Minister, Bruno Le Maire, is optimistic about the possibility of Tesla making a significant investment in the country. The French Digital Minister, Jean-Noel Barrot, has expressed France’s eagerness to host Tesla’s next Gigafactory.

Barrot highlighted the efforts made to create a favorable environment for Tesla in France and the country’s investments in the electric battery sector. France aims to convince Tesla that it is the ideal location in Europe for establishing its next factory.

Finance Prime Minister’s recent comments indicated that various options were being considered for Tesla’s investments in France, including battery cell production.

In May 2023, Elon Musk met with France’s President, Emmanuel Macron, to discuss progress in the electric vehicle and energy sectors. However, there is no mention of specific discussions regarding Tesla’s investment in France.

Tesla is currently focusing on ramping up operations at Gigafactory Berlin for European deliveries. In May, Giga Berlin expressed interest in expanding its apprenticeship program by adding 180 trainees to the factory. There have been discussions about Tesla potentially establishing another Gigafactory in Europe. Reports from last month suggested that Tesla was in negotiations to build a new Gigafactory in Valencia, Spain, with an estimated cost of €4.5 billion ($4.8 billion).

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