Microsoft Unveils New Computers with Integrated AI Technology

Microsoft has revealed new computers featuring the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology directly embedded into them, intensifying the competition among tech giants to deliver AI tools to the public.

According to Chief Executive Satya Nadella, the incorporation of computer chips tailored for AI technology into Microsoft’s PCs and tablets will enhance the speed and efficiency of AI tools and features compared to traditional internet-based methods, such as chatbots. This strategic move aims to position Microsoft as a leader in providing AI capabilities and could sway consumers to choose Microsoft PCs over Apple computers.

The announcements were made at an event held at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington, one day before its annual conference, Build.

This unveiling follows Google’s recent showcase of numerous AI features and products at its own conference, including significant updates to its search engine. Google and Microsoft are engaged in a fierce competition to establish themselves as the primary providers of AI technology across devices and through their cloud computing services. Both companies have been rapidly introducing new AI tools in response to the industry-wide adoption of AI technology following OpenAI’s release of ChatGPT.

Microsoft’s new laptops, showcased at the event, will be promoted as incorporating built-in AI capabilities, with a dedicated key on the keyboard to activate the AI functions, which can operate seamlessly across multiple applications. Meanwhile, Google is integrating AI-generated responses into search results, sparking concerns from web publishers about content appropriation.

At the event, Microsoft unveiled two new computers—a laptop and a tablet—alongside models from other PC manufacturers, including Lenovo, Dell, HP, and Samsung, all featuring the new AI technology. Microsoft executives emphasised the superior performance and battery life of their new laptop compared to the latest Apple MacBook Air.

The demonstrations showcased the AI technology’s applications in video and photo editing, areas also emphasised by Apple. Microsoft highlighted the AI’s ability to translate audio from 40 languages into English, search photo libraries using AI, and translate languages in real time during video calls. These advancements align with industry trends, as companies like Adobe have integrated AI editing tools into their software, increasing computational demands on computers.

Microsoft also announced that its new computers will include OpenAI’s latest AI model, GPT4o, following a multibillion-dollar deal signed in early 2023, granting Microsoft access to OpenAI’s technology for integration into its products.

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