Michigan Coalition urges investment in EV infrastructure

A coalition made up of nonprofits and corporations on Monday issued statements charging the state legislature to invest $600 million towards the development of electric-vehicle and alternative fuel infrastructure.

They also called for the necessary workforce training and site preparation, all as part of measures to retain Michigan’s industry leadership as far as mobility goes.

The proposal, which in all is backed by 28 organizations, has, as its foundation, existing programs and recommendations recently submitted as part of the Council on Future Mobility and Electrification report.

This adaptation has become highly necessary as the transportation industry goes through a historic transition toward alternative fuels with lesser emissions and it calls for workforce retraining, charging stations, and new facilities.

The proposal comes on the heels of legislative deliberations on the most appropriate ways to disburse funds from the federal American Rescue Plan Act and excess money from the general fund.

“We’re Michigan; we’re positioned to come out ahead of this, but every report, every white paper, everything we’ve put out shows failure to invest now in the changes underway will cost our communities, our workers,” said Frank Houston, a regional exec at BlueGreen Alliance.

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