Lanistar expands offices

UK fintech start-up, Lanistar, has opened two new offices in the United Arab Emirates and Brazil, extending its presence to three continents as part of a plan to grow its global reach. The new office spaces are described as being examples of growth and positive working environments, which reflect Lanistar’s individual way of operating and commitment to nurturing professional development.

The move is part of Lanistar’s strategy to capitalise on more direct access to audiences in the Middle East and Brazil, regions which are considered hubs for the development of fintech and alternative financial technologies, positioning the firm in prime industry territories. The company is among the few similar businesses that have ventured outside their home-turf continent, giving it a comparative advantage.

This marks a new era for Lanistar, as the company seeks to distance itself from the negative press it received in late 2020 and push forward to bankruptcy. It plans to continue expanding into new areas, bolstered by the motto ‘Persistence Beats Resistance’.

The start-up has also recently announced plans to introduce a full banking service in the UK after successfully onboarding over 20,000 consumers in Brazil over the past two years, with the aim of surpassing the one million customer mark by mid-2023. With the opening of its new offices, Lanistar is well-positioned to build its brand and grow its customer base across multiple regions, including one of the world’s most rapidly developing fintech hubs in the Middle East.

As Lanistar sets its sights on global expansion, its commitment to positive workplace culture and growth remains a central tenet of its business strategy. This move is an opportunity for the start-up to establish a reputation for fintech innovation and workplace positivity in emerging markets, offering a compelling alternative to established incumbents in the space.

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