KKR Closes $17 Billion Global Infrastructure Fund

KKR, a major global investment firm, announced today the full close of KKR Global Infrastructure Investors IV, a $17 billion fund focused on exploring global infrastructure investment opportunities, with a focus on investments in OECD countries in North America and Western Europe.

The deal closes at a time when private infrastructure investment is in high demand, especially in sectors including digital communications, energy transition, transportation, water, waste, and industrial infrastructure.

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, maintaining projected levels of GDP growth will necessitate $3.7 trillion in annual global infrastructure investment between 2017 and 2035, with an additional $1 trillion in annual investment needed to meet the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.

“Global demand for building and upgrading critical infrastructure, as well as supporting responsible energy transition and growing broadband access, requires funding far in excess of public sources, which provides a big opportunity for private capital,” said Brandon Freiman, Head of North American Infrastructure at KKR.

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