KCSM, ArcelorMittal to back highway project

Representatives from KCSM, ArcelorMittal, and the state of Michoacán in Mexico inked an agreement to rehabilitate the roadway network.

During the event, Governor Alfredo Ramrez Bedolla stated that the arrangement will promote growth by simplifying the transportation of ArcelorMittal gravel.

The material, which is a byproduct of steelmaking and may be used to patch potholes or level ground, is dubbed eco-gravel by the steelmaker. El Sol de Morelia said that the gravel will be delivered using KCSM railroads to 20 localities and used to pave highways and roads.

According to KCSM CEO Oscar Del Cueto, 1 million tons of gravel will be carried in the first stage of the project, or 80 tons every 20 days. The first batch will be utilized to repair 400 miles of roadway and road.

Vctor Manuel Martnez Cairo, an ArcelorMittal spokesman, stated that the business will have 20 million tonnes ready for the future stages. The agreement is part of a local investment portfolio that includes a rolling mill and mining investments in Lázaro Cárdenas.

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