Jorginho invests in Gather for 10% stake

Jorginho, the talented midfielder for Arsenal football club, is making a name for himself not only on the pitch but also in the world of financial investments. Jorginho has become a founding investor in Gather, an emerging FinTech start-up.

With a 10% stake in Gather, Jorginho is backing a trading app that aims to empower young people to make well-informed decisions about their financial futures. The app allows users to invest in funds with a commitment as low as £30, making investing accessible to a broader audience.

Gather’s user-friendly design, reminiscent of popular music streaming services, strives to make the investment process approachable and intuitive. The app offers investment options in BlackRock’s ICS Sterling Liquidity Fund, a blend of short-term securities.

Jorginho’s decision to invest in Gather stems from his concerns over the spending habits of his younger teammates and his desire to encourage responsible financial choices. The funding raised will be utilized to educate users about making smart investment decisions and promoting responsible financial planning.

The involvement of sports celebrities in promoting financial products is on the rise, and Gather has also attracted investment from heavyweight boxer Cheavon Clarke, who will serve as an investor and ambassador.

Speaking about his investment, Jorginho expressed that he is well aware of the short span of his football career and wishes to secure the financial future of himself, his family, and loved ones. He believes the app will help educate users about making sound investment calls. As the company grows, Jorginho plans to play a more significant role in shaping Gather’s strategy, once he gains a deeper understanding of the app’s mechanics.

This investment in Gather demonstrates Jorginho’s ongoing interest in financial ventures. He has been vocal about his concerns regarding wasteful spending habits among young football players, emphasizing the importance of finding a balance between spending and investing for a secure future.

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