Jill Biden talks infrastructure in Pittsburgh

Jill Biden, the First Lady, made a visit to Pittsburgh to engage with local leaders and discuss infrastructure plans. Speaking to a crowd at Pittsburgh International Airport on Tuesday, she addressed the audience at the construction site of the airport’s new terminal.

The First Lady received a standing ovation and expressed gratitude to the labor unions and others present. She commended the work of President Joe Biden, highlighting the decrease in unemployment rates to below 4% and emphasising the $9 billion investments in Pennsylvania.

Pittsburgh was specifically mentioned as one of the five cities chosen by the Biden administration as a “workforce hub.” These hubs focus on cities that have received substantial investments from both the federal government and private companies. Mrs. Biden explained that this initiative would create thousands of jobs, contributing to the strengthening and rebuilding of Pennsylvania’s infrastructure. She pointed out the modernisation of Pittsburgh’s airport as an example of progress. However, she stressed the need for more skilled workers to sustain this momentum.

During her visit, the First Lady was shown the specific areas where investments are being made by the airport’s CEO and county leaders. She viewed a rendering of the updated terminal, constructed using steel manufactured in the United States, and learned about the enhancements that travellers will experience. Mrs. Biden also received information about ongoing improvements for airport workers. Lastly, she had the opportunity to engage with apprentices participating in the PIT2Work program, which offers five weeks of training experience in various trades at the airport.

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