Japan to support Ghana’s infrastructure

The Japanese Ambassador to Ghana, Mr. Hisanobu Mochizuki, has reaffirmed Japan’s commitment to supporting Ghana’s socio-economic and infrastructure development efforts. He emphasised Ghana’s strategic importance in the development of high-quality infrastructure within the West Africa Growth Ring Corridor, which aims to enhance connectivity and promote economic activities in the sub-region.

Ambassador Mochizuki highlighted Japan’s recognition of the value of solid infrastructure as a catalyst for boosting economies. He assured Ghana of Japan’s resolve to assist African countries in transforming their economies through infrastructure development.

Speaking at the commissioning of a 31.2 km national trunk road (N8) phase two project in the Central Region, which was funded by a grant from the Japanese government and executed by Shimizu Dai Nippon Joint Ventures, Ambassador Mochizuki noted Japan’s commitment to supporting quality infrastructure development. He mentioned the importance of transportation infrastructure for economic growth, business, and investment, and noted that good roads enhance connectivity and foster inclusive economic growth.

The Japanese Ambassador highlighted the recent visit of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to Ghana, which aimed to strengthen bilateral relations and promote business and investment. He stressed the strategic importance of the N8 highway and expressed confidence in the opportunities it would create for Ghana’s transportation of essential export commodities.

Ambassador Mochizuki acknowledged the role of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in facilitating Japan’s support for Ghana’s infrastructure development. He mentioned previous projects, such as the Tema Motorway roundabout project and the NS Phase One project, completed with the assistance of JICA. He expressed gratitude to the Japanese consultants and contractors involved in these projects and commended the collaboration between the Japanese and Ghanaian counterparts.

In conclusion, the Japanese Ambassador reiterated Japan’s commitment to supporting Ghana’s infrastructure development and emphasised the importance of quality infrastructure in driving economic growth and creating opportunities for communities.

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