Italy sees an economic partner in Nigeria

Italy’s Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Stefano De Leo, has described Nigeria as one of Italy’s major economic and security partners in Africa. In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, De Leo said that Italy would work closely with Nigeria’s incoming administration to improve bilateral and multilateral cooperation between the two countries.

According to De Leo, both nations share common issues such as uncertainty, crime rate, violence, and security issues that require inclusive solutions, which must be discussed in major international fora. He highlighted that Nigeria plays a strategic role in the United Nations system, especially in the economy and security sectors, and Italy is a member of the European Union.

De Leo emphasized that, as of May 29, a new administration would come into power in Nigeria, and they would need to find ways to improve and increase cooperation in many fields. He further noted that Nigeria is a major player without whom worldwide balances in security issues could not be decided, and they would need to examine Nigeria’s strategic position, starting from oil and gas, as well as other economic and global security issues.

The ambassador’s statement highlights the need for both countries to collaborate more closely to address common issues that affect their economic and security interests. Italy’s willingness to work closely with Nigeria’s incoming administration is a positive development that could lead to increased cooperation between the two nations. As such, the two nations could explore other areas of mutual interest and cooperation, including trade and investment, technology, agriculture, and tourism.

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