Ireland lags behind Europe on EV charging infrastructure

A recent study involving a detailed analysis of European countries revealed that Ireland currently sits among the last in terms of charging infrastructure implementation for electric vehicles (EVs).

The report compiled by UK’s Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA) showed that Ireland’s performance is poorer compared to its European counterparts as touching EV charging infrastructure. 

This longer-term impact of this poor performance will significantly affect the country’s emissions-reduction goals.

Although the Irish Government has voiced its intention to completely phase out petrol and diesel vehicles not long from now, a recent Circle K survey revealed that only 50% of Irish motorists expect to be driving EVs by 2030.

The Energy Transition Readiness Index 2021, which was sponsored by Eaton (a global power management company), found that while willingness to adopt EVs is high in many countries, preparedness in terms of the policies and governance transition needed to implement changes have not been put in place.

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