Huawei to invest $15m in Middle East cloud program

Huawei is planning to invest US$15 million over the next three years in its recently launched Huawei Cloud Oasis Program, which is aimed at speeding up the development of technology startups and ecosystems in the Middle East.

The new program was unveiled during the second edition of the Huawei cloud Summit held online on September 15, 2021. 

The yearly event brings together business leaders, industry think tanks, and Huawei partners to create an enabling environment for partnerships that make for mutual advancement.

The Huawei Cloud Oasis Program is targeting about 3,000 experts for assistance in the region. The firm also hopes to support over 1,500 consulting and technical partners, as well as empower over 100 SMEs to foster their cloud competencies. 

The program will also provide backing to over 100 marketing events during this timeline to help develop a productive cloud ecosystem within the business community. 

The most recent commitments include US$7.5m earmarked for partner development, over US$2.5m planned to back credits and other cloud resources, and another US$4.5m in funding planned to support the marketing of program projects.

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